• Posted on Mon 27th July 2014

Central Profile is add on software that integrates with your existing dispensary system and hardware. Central Profile has been in use since 2008 and is currently in use in 100’s of stores across Canada

Central profile has the following modules: Quick Refill, Patient Profile Access, iPhone and Android Apps, Text Refills, Pickup Reminders, Refill Reminder, IVR and Nursing Home Modules. The Nursing Home Modules have the following features: EMAR, Electronic Receiving, Electronic Ordering (screenshot of exe), Online Access (web group home). Central Profile also integrates with a methadone dispensing system called MethaMeasure. As a methadone prescription is filled in the dispensary system, Central profile transfers this data to the methameasure system instantly. When the Patient comes to get his dose, he places his finger on the finger print reader. The pharmacist then verifies and clicks a button which automatically dispenses the correct amount of methadone from the pump. In these times, efficiency and accuracy are essential. So Methameasure integration is yet another example of how Central Profile makes Pharmacy more efficient.


Privacy and Compliance. All patient and prescription data resides at the pharmacy. The pharmacy data is not duplicated or consolidated in any other location. It is integrated with all of the major pharmacy systems (Kroll, Fillware,Pharmaclik Rx)

Key Points
  • Fully integrated with your dispensary system.
  • Patients have 24 x 7 access to their prescription profile
  • Mobile apps make refilling as easy as 1-2-3.

Central Profile: Business Services for Pharmacy.

Amjay adds new modules and features every year. A store can choose any modules they wish to use.

Patient Enrollment is Fast, Simple and Flexible

A patient must be enrolled at the Pharmacy, before he or she can view their Prescription Profile. Amjay provides a patient enrollment app which makes it easy to enrol patients to central profile. The auto-enroll feature automatically generates the login credentials for a patient when the pharmacist fills a prescription at the dispensary.

Amjay adds new modules and features every year. A store can choose any modules they wish to use.

The modular nature of Central Profile makes it flexible and easy to use and implement.