Until now, collecting money from customers when their prescriptions are ready is a very time consuming process for your pharmacy. Whether you have patients swiping cards at the pick up counter, staff members calling customers to manually process credit cards over the phone or your delivery driver collecting money at the door.

Now, with ePAY Rx, you can safely and securely store customer credit cards with PCI compliance AND it is fully integrated with your Pharmacy software system through our Central Profile technology.

Features of the Contactless Payment Solution:

  • Securely collect and store credit cards on file to eliminate the need for swiping a card at the counter, over the phone or at the door. 
  • Fully integrated with your pharmacy software so any balance owing can be automatically billed with the click of a button.
  • Send a text or email to the patient informing them of the balance owing along with a link to securely pay online. 
  • Credit cards can be stored on file for all future payments. 
  • User friendly interface provides the pharmacy with a full summary of all transactions. 
  • PCI Compliant.